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Simple how-to videos to help you get the most from your KLIX Outlook machine

Changing Drink Type for 9oz Gold Blend

(Large cups and new Gold Blend label already in place)

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*Where you are replacing a current 7oz drink with one of the 9oz options, ensure that all of the 7oz selection has been consumed / removed before refilling with the 9oz drink.

Please follow these steps:

  • 1. Open the machine
  • 2. Push relevant Gold Blend large cup option that needs to be changed
  • 3. Looking at the LED screen, push bottom left button ‘Drink Type’ and this displays current drink setting
  • 4. Push top right button ‘Change’
  • 5. When asked if you need help, press ‘No’ (bottom right button)
  • 6. Current drink type displayed again. Press top left button ‘ + ‘ button once and ‘Hot Regular’ should be displayed
  • 7. Press top right button ‘Confirm’
  • 8. You will see a reminder to change your label, if already done then press ‘Ok’ (top left button)

For further assistance, please call 0800 0323 444

Download Instructions (PDF)