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KLIX Case Study - Vending Machines Yorkshire

DENSO Marston Ltd - Shipley facility near Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Vending Machines Yorkshire
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KLIX®: engaging employees at DENSO Marston Ltd. to deliver annual cost savings of £9000.

“Our existing drinks solution wasn’t offering our teams a positive experience. Basic drink choices came as loose ingredients dispensed via leased drinks vending machines. As well as improving the experience we also wanted to support our catering partner by identifying a drinks vending solution that was easier to keep well-stocked and maintained as it was taking them a lot of time to look after the existing machines. In a company which demands the highest standards, we wanted our drinks provision to reflect our focus on quality and efficiency, while making a drink break something which would bring all our team members together to enjoy.”

Bev Sagar, Head of Human Resources

DENSO Marston Ltd has a prestigious reputation as a manufacturer of thermal cooling systems for construction, industrial and agricultural applications. At its Shipley facility outside Bradford in West Yorkshire, DENSO Marston has everything it needs to fulfill customer requests, from product design to delivery and beyond. 

With nearly 600 people at its Shipley site, DENSO Marston is committed to delivering the same level of high quality products and service standards to its employees as it is to its customers. As part of a number of employee focused initiatives last year, the HR department reviewed DENSO Marston’s drinks provision to see how they could make taking a drinks break a more positive experience. 

In addition to quality, top priorities for DENSO Marston in this review process were to keep the cost of drinks the same for its employees whilst ensuring high service levels to reflect their own demanding standards. With a catering company on-site, ease of use as well as increased profitability in terms of limiting the time spent on servicing machines were also important considerations. 

The KLIX solution supplies machines free on loan to Shipley and so was immediately able to reduce the plant’s annual costs by £9,000 by removing the lease cost associated with the drinks vending machines. Introducing an in-cup system, KLIX also ensured that every drink served was of the highest quality. As the quantity of ingredients are pre-determined in KLIX’s Basingstoke-based factory and sealed in the cup, KLIX delivers consistent quality drinks while the KLIX in-cup solution also helps to ensure that the machines are easy to maintain.

Following the introduction of six KLIX OUTLOOK® drinks vending machines across the DENSO Marston site, the on-site caterer also experienced increased productivity and efficiencies using the KLIX system. As KLIX cups are delivered in sealed sleeves, stocking the machine across the busy plant was made much simpler and considerably less down-time was encountered as drinks stocks were easily maintained.

KLIX also provides service support should any queries arise, but with 99% machine availability KLIX provided a hassle-free solution for the caterer to support. KLIX addressed the requirement for improved quality whilst maintaining the cost of drinks to employees by offering as standard its wide range of Britain’s best-loved brands and drink types. The KLIX Business Development Manager worked with the HR team to agree the perfect menu for their employees, taking into account trends and drinking patterns to develop the best possible balance of drinks tailored for the site.

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