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KLIX Case Study - Vending Machines Surrey

Sabre Insurance

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Vending Machines Surrey
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Sabre Insurance

Based in Dorking, Surrey, Sabre was formed in 1982 and operated as an underwriting agency, until the launch of Sabre Insurance Company in 1991.

"High quality products and customer service that can be relied upon ensure that KLIX will remain the vending solution of choice for Sabre Insurance and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations."

Mike Parsons, Property & Facilities Manager Sabre Insurance, Surrey

The business was acquired by General Accident in 1996 and, following a series of mergers with Commercial Union and Norwich Union, the company was sold to BDML Group, an independent company specialising in the insurance sector.

Sabre specialises in motor insurance through intermediaries, including private cars, taxis and individual commercial vehicles. Staff at its head office in Dorking have been enjoying the benefits of KLIX vending machines from Mars Drinks for over eight years.

Sabre’s Property and Facilities Manager, Mike Parsons explains further:

High Service Levels

“One of the main reasons we work with KLIX is due to the high level of service that is consistently supplied to Sabre. Whilst it is highly unusual for us to have a problem with the machines we know that if we do an engineer will be on-site and it will be back up and running in next to no time. I’m regularly approached by other companies but while I’m enjoying this standard of service I really have no need to look elsewhere.”

Keeping Staff Happy

Since Mike Parsons joined Sabre all of the KLIX machines have been switched to free vend. “We’re always looking at ways to improve staff morale and providing free high quality drinks is just one of the many initiatives that we use to maintain satisfaction across the workforce.”

Clean and Quick

At Sabre Insurance the KLIX machines are located in the main office areas on each floor. The company had previously used kettles to make hot drinks but certainly won’t be returning to this option. “Using KLIX machines keeps the working areas clean, tidy and is far safer. Furthermore the drinks are dispensed very quickly which means that less time is spent making drinks thus contributing to increased levels of productivity at Sabre.”

Wide Range and Quality Drinks

KLIX offers a wide range of drinks from brands we know which goes down well with staff – “we like the fact that KLIX drinks are always of the highest quality and taste and by offering the option to add milk and sugar separately we are able to provide staff with an even wider selection of drinks.”

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