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KLIX Case Study - Vending Machines Crawley

B & CE Benefits

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Vending Machines Crawley
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B & CE Benefits

B&CE has provided financial welfare benefits to those working within the construction industry and their dependants since 1942.

"Quality and taste of the products, along with a consistently high level of service, are why Mars Drinks will continue to be the vending supplier of choice for B&CE Benefits and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies"

Darrell Slattery, Facilities Section Leader, B&CE Benefits

Today it manages assets of over £1.7 billion and provides financial benefits to more than 209,000 operatives on behalf of over 6,400 construction employers. A longstanding relationship with Mars Drinks™ has meant employees of B&CE have enjoyed the benefits of KLIX® and FLAVIA® vending machines for over 13 years with staff morale and quality of service being cited as the major benefits.

Darrell Slattery, Facilities Section Leader at B&CE Benefits, explains:
“We have our machines switched to free vend which is well received by our staff. And with Mars Drinks I am confident in the knowledge that, on the very rare occasion that something goes wrong, an engineer will be on-site either the same day or the next day and the problem will be fixed within 24 hours.”

Competition no match for KLIX and FLAVIA

At B&CE the five KLIX machines are located in the kitchen areas with the one FLAVIA machine located in the Executive office. “Our staff are always commenting on the quality of the drinks and they particularly enjoy participating in the promotions and competitions that Mars Drinks regularly offers. I’m frequently approached by other vending machine companies, but so long as Mars Drinks continues to deliver on quality and service I have no need to look anywhere else.”

B&CE Benefits believes its KLIX and FLAVIA machines ensure a wide variety of drinks are always available to staff. Mars Drinks invests a great deal of time in researching what types of drinks suit particular businesses and delivers the broadest range of drinks from the nation’s leading drinks.

“I find Mars Drinks very approachable and I like the fact that they are always reviewing and adding to their product offering – our BDM keeps us updated with any new drinks on offer and frequently gives us samples, which greatly assists in our product selection.”

‘Green’ credentials are key

“Another key factor in selecting Mars Drinks is its green credentials, which is hugely important to a company like B&CE where sustainability ranks very highly on our agenda and it’s an element of the offering that I’m keen to know more about.”

KLIX machines are energy efficient with the KLIX OUTLOOK using 12.5% less energy to make hot drinks and 51% less energy in standby mode than the average for two leading floor standing drinks vending machines tested. Furthermore KLIX vending cups have been made from a single, ultra-low weight component that is fully recyclable. This is an improvement on most standard paper cups which are made out of a composite which isn’t suitable for recycling.

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