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The trademarks of Mars, Incorporated and its affiliates that have been used within this web site are:

MARS®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, BOUNTY®, GALAXY®, MALTESERS®, M&M’S®, MINSTRELS®, MILKY WAY®, REVELS®, KLIX®, OUTLOOK® and CHOCAMENTO™ are Trademarks of Mars and its Affiliates. SKITTLES®, STARBURST®, WRIGLEY’S EXTRA® are Registered Trademarks of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and its Affiliates. All Rights Reserved. KLIXKEY®. ®/™ Trademark © Mars Drinks UK Ltd. and its affiliates 2013. ® ‘NESCAFE’ and ‘GOLD BLEND’ are registered trademarks to designate Nestlé’s Instant Coffee. ® KENCO is a registered trademark of Kraft UK Intellectual Property Limited. ® MAXWELL HOUSE is a registered trademark used under licence. ® ‘PG’, ‘PG TIPS’, ‘PG GRANULES’, ‘LIPTON’ and ‘KNORR’ are registered trademarks of Unilever Bestfoods Ltd. ® ‘OPTIONS’ are registered trademarks of R. Twining & Co Ltd. ® ‘BRITA’ is a registered trademark of BRITA GMbH. ‘Coca-Cola®’, ‘Coke®’, ‘diet Coke®’, ‘diet Coca-Cola®’, ‘Coca-Cola Zero®’, ‘Coke Zero®’, ‘Fanta®’, ‘Sprite®’, ‘Sprite Zero®’, ‘Relentless®’, ‘Powerade®’, ‘Minute Maid®’, ‘Five Alive®’, ‘5 Alive®’ and the Dynamic Ribbon device are registered trade marks of The Coca-Cola Company. ‘Dr Pepper’ is a registered trademark of DP Beverages Limited. ‘Appletiser’ is a registered trademark of SABMiller International B.V. ‘glacéau vitaminwater’ and the ‘glacéau vitaminwater’ get up are trade marks of energy brands, inc. aka ‘glacéau’. ‘Oasis®’, ‘Schweppes®’, the Fountain Device and the 196 Graphics are a registered trade mark of Atlantic Industries. ‘Abbey Well®’ is a registered trade mark of Water and Robson Limited. ‘Walkers®’, ‘Doritos®’ all registered trademarks.

Thirsty for Change

Thirsty for Change

We at KLIX are concerned about the Earth's sustainability. Discover more about how we are reducing environmental impact of our own operations.

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Energy Calculator

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Brands you trust

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